Saturday, August 23, 2014

Berlin Day 1: Medizinhistorisches Museum and Museum für Naturkunde

I arrived in Berlin after a day of travelling on the train from Vienna. I really loved the countryside, and we stopped at Prague on the way through. I would like to visit Prague one day.

I stayed at Citystay Hostel Berlin, which sadly did not have a girls only dorm. It was a nice hostel, cheap and near public transport. It was also near Alexanderplatz, which is a central gathering place. The hostel is also near a grocery store, which I always value because it's nice to pick up a bread roll or something for dinner.

During my stay I also got to visit Maria and her boyfriend Boris, Maria is one of my readers and also writes her own blog.

Once I had put all my stuff away in the hostel, I went on a walk to visit a medical museum in a university (or hospital, I don't know which). I'll let the website speak for itself:
"The Berlin Museum of Medical History seeks to offer visitors insights into the fascinating history of medicine over the last four centuries. The permanent collection currently shows some 750 objects comprising pathological-anatomical wet and dry specimens as well as models and graphics from central medical locations: e.g. the anatomical theater, the laboratory and the patients ward."

It cost me 7euro to enter, and sadly no photography was allowed. Although I've included a photograph from the internet after the page break.

It took me a little while to find the museum because it looked the same as the other buildings around it. The first rooms had translations in english with a great display of different medical items. The next floor had many human specimens which had no english translation, but luckily I understood the German word for 'syphilis' so I know which specimens had that disease.
The museum was really cool, and I loved the different medical specimens. Although it might be a bit too much for sensitive people to handle.

The next stop was the Berlin Natural History Museum, called Museum für Naturkunde. It did not hold a candle to the Vienna museum, it had a few interesting items but not as many specimens as the Vienna museum. The museum was pretty small, and it didn't take long for me to finish it.

The dinosaurs were pretty awesome.

The process of taxidermy

Room full of wet specimens

After the Natural History Museum I went back to the hostel, very tired after walking all day.
The next day: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

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N. Finsternis said...

I just love the medical museum! The Naturkunde´s best part were probably the dinosaurs... when Boris and I visited it we felt really sad seeing all the taxidermy... it was more depressing that exciting :/

Mad said...

I was in Berlin in February - I really enjoyed the Natural History museum, especially the specimen room as it seemed to go on forever! Was waaaay quieter than the one in London which was a relief. Did you go to the Ramones museum?