Sunday, August 31, 2014

Makeup Haul

I've purchased quite a bit of makeup recently, which is both exciting and guilt producing. I've been feeling a bit down lately, so I've splurged a bit.

Priceline recently had 50% off Maybelline, a brand which I love. I buy Maybelline for my mascara and eyeliner which I used to draw on my eyebrows.
I don't think anything here was over $5. I also bought a lipstick from Rimmel.

Lovely matte red from Maybelline, and a neutral from Rimmel.

I also got a bunch of stuff today.
Top row: Revlon matte Lipstick, Savvy light foundation stick, Savvy matte lipstick, Sally Hansen nailpolish 'Night in NYC', Faces of Australia 'Wicked Witch of the West' nailpolish, Faces of Australia 'Voldemort' nail polish
Middle row: Various eyeshadows and a blue glitter nail polish
Bottom row: Three eyeshadows that only cost 50c each, and another eyeshadow pallette.

I love nail polish,and I was excited about a new Sally Hansen range (I love Sally Hansen polish), also a 'Dark Side' range by Face of Australia which I have never purchased from. The 'Voldemort' polish is black and turquoise hex and micro glitters. Because of the black glitter in this polish I think it will work best on a turquoise or blue base.

I can't pass up on lipstick, and I was excited to buy the new Revlon matte balm, in shade "Shameless".

Left to right: Savvy foundation stick, Savvy lipstick, Revlon matte balm. The Revlon is a lovely purple colour.

I can't wait to try it all!


Sylvie Dubois said...

Great haul! I am pretty fond of Maybelline and lOreal products. Where I live, twice a year, I get a special invite to the loreal sale so I stock up :)I love that green stick, it covers up blemishes and redness really well

Bane said...

Woo, nice haul. :) That Revlon purple balm... I must have it!

John Estell said...

That's it. I'm coming to Perth and you're doing a makeover on me!

Courtney Cadaver said...

The Revlon matte balm is fantastic!