Saturday, August 23, 2014

Berlin Day 3: Hanging Out With Maria

My last day in Berlin was spent hanging out with Maria, the writer of the blog Deus Ex Machina. It was really great meeting her, and I also met her boyfriend Boris but he was busy on the Saturday that me and Maria hung out together. She wrote her own blog post about meeting me [here].

Because it's taken me nearly a year to write up my post, I've kind of forgotten a lot of what we did. I know that we traveled to Potsdamer Platz, and we visited the Jewish Memorial. I also bought some nice postcards to send to friends.

Maria at the Jewish Memorial

Brandenburg Gate

Adlon Hotel, where Michael Jackson hung his baby from the balcony (remember that?). I'm not a fan of Jackson, but Maria pointed this fact out to me.

Towards the East Side Gallery. We had to sit down because I stupidly hurt my ankle on a dip in the road. My ankle was still very tender from when I twisted it in Rome, and I thought I had really hurt it again. Luckily, I could hobble around still.

While we were sitting down I got to take a few photos!

Alexanderplatz TV Tower
We sat under this and I ate currywurst while Maria ate noodles. I also got to eat her noodles when she got full :P

I really enjoyed my day out with Maria, even though I hurt my ankle. I loved talking about her life in different countries, especially Berlin. I was so thankful of her German skills, she even ordered my currywurst for me because I was too shy.
I love meeting friends from other countries. I had to explain to Maria about jaywalking, and I'm sure Maria had to explain German things to me :) It was nice to be able to talk to someone, because my trip was very much lonely. I hope to see Maria and her boyfriend, Boris, again in the future!

The next day I left for the UK, which took a very long time to travel to via train.

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N. Finsternis said...

Ah, it was almost a year ago! I had fun too, I discovered a lot about Australia XD and we talked about the goth scene there too, I remember that!
Those traveling posts made me want to travel somewhere right now!
Hugs from Berlin Natalie, hope to see you again :D

linnea-maria said...

It's great that you were able to see one of your blog mates :) I'm sure you had a lot in common and had interesting talks.
That Jewish memorial is huge!