Saturday, August 23, 2014

Vienna Day 3: Kunsthistorisches Museum

You know, the one museum I didn't get to visit was the Funeral Museum. The museum is current changing locations, and I would have loved to see it. Maybe I'll have to visit Vienna again :) what a nice thought.

Vienna is also home to the Art Nouveau movement, with Gustav Klimt and other artists creating works around Vienna. I didn't get to view many Art Nouveau areas or artworks while in Vienna, so I would love to do that next time.

The last day in Vienna was spent at the Art History Museum which is called the Kunsthistorisches Museum. It is right across the courtyard from the Natural History Museum. There was an exhibition on Lucian Freud, and entry to the museum included the exhibition. There is a Lucian Freud painting at the Perth Art Gallery, Perth is following me yet again!! Lucian is the grandson of Sigmund Freud, who was born in Vienna.
Lucian's artwork depicts humans as the subject matter, many who are nude. Sadly, I was not allowed to take any photos of the exhibition.

After C├ęzanne, 1999–2000, Lucian Freud, National Gallery of Australia

Kunsthistorisches Museum

The museum starts with Egyptian artifacts and artwork. I have no idea why this wasn't in the Natural History Museum. You can also see that the wall decorations at painted to show what's in the room, in this case Egyptian items.

So many sarcophagi

Various animal mummifications

Cat mummy!

Seeing this piece makes you imagine how huge the statue must have been.

The Egyptian section also held a white stone temple which had been brought over from Egypt. It was amazing seeing the wall carvings. I have no idea why I didn't take photos of it.

Greek/Roman section

I loved the golden belt.

Based on the myth of Apollo and Daphne

The Kunsthistorisches Museum was really great, even though I didn't take as many photos as the other museum. I highly suggest the visit!

Next: Travel to Berlin!

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