Saturday, August 23, 2014

Vienna Day 1: Vienna Crime Museum and Torture Museum

I arrived in Vienna early on a Sunday morning. The overnight train ride was pretty horrible, but I was glad to be in Vienna.
I'm not even kidding, but Vienna by Ultravox played on my ipod as we pulled into the station. Ironic, no?

The weather was such a relief from Rome, it was nice and cool and sunny. The public transport was really easy to figure out, so much better than Rome. I made my way to my hostel, Wombat's at the Naschmarkt, which I chose because it was cheap and close to the museums I wanted to visit. The hostel was really nice, it caters towards backpackers so there were lots of young people around. I chose an all female dorm again.

View from my window

Once I dropped off my stuff, I caught the train to the Vienna Crime Museum.

The lady at the counter didn't speak English, and I speak very little German. I used to have German lessons in primary school, so a few words came back to me like "danke schon" which means "thank you very much". Luckily, she seemed to know what I was talking about when I asked for a ticket. It cost 6euro for me to get in, including an english booklet as the exhibitions were in German.
I was the only person in the museum. The museum features crime and murders from Medieval times to today. Overall, it wasn't as good as the Rome Crime Museum, but it was still really interesting.
There are lots of photos after the page break, there is some gory crime scene photos, death masks and preserved heads. If you're too squeamish, please skip this post.

Torture for the ladies/witches

There were these awesome painted  lifesize murals on the walls, mostly featuring people getting stabbed.

Preserved head of a criminal.

I found the murals a bit funny. Here is a vicar getting stabbed.

There were also plywood scenes around the museum

Lady putting poison in the tea.

Creepy death mask.

This was the end of the museum. I really enjoyed looking around, and the building was lovely too. I said "danke schon" to the lady at the counter and caught a train back to where my hostel was.

I then visited the Torture Museum, which was a short walk from the Kettenbrukengasse train station. It cost me 6euro to get in, plus a few euro for an English information card. The museum features mannequins in different torture situations, which I found to be pretty funny :P

It's also underground.

These are replicas, unlike the real thing in the Vienna Crime Museum


The look of horror is kinda funny.


Well, that was it for the dark side of Vienna. The next day I visited the breathtaking Natural History Museum!

Funny thing was that all the shops were closed on Sunday. I was starving for dinner, but the grocery store was closed. Luckily, one of my roommates gave me her left over pasta. She was an Australian!

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N. Finsternis said...

What a sight! The criminal museum sure looks gruesome, how weird it is that they preserved the heads! what for? haha.
I am excited to visit that museum one day, looks interesting!