Tuesday, November 11, 2014

25th Birthday Party

I had my birthday party on Saturday. I organised a picnic bbq at a park near my apartment.
I invited some friends and co-workers. My sister bought me these awesome dinosaur balloons!!
I'm wearing
Dress: Asos Curve
Shoes: TUK Creepers
Socks: Evans

I organised a lot of food, and everyone brought a plate so we had more than enough. We also played party games like Pass the Parcel and Pinata!

My co-worker, Rowena, having a whack

My little sister Heather

My wonderful co-worker brought me this huge cake! We could hardly eat any of it because we were stuffed!

It was very windy so it was difficult to light the candles.

Here's me being embarrassed while everyone sings "Happy Birthday"

Here is one of my presents. A Bowie paperdoll!!

The outfits in this book were either Ziggy or Thin White Duke. No Jareth the Goblin King or Clown Bowie :(

I don't think Bowie wears tighty whiteys

One of my co-workers make me this awesome pin cushion!!!! I can't describe how awesome this is. Look at the bats!

On the bottom is this cute spiderweb and spider!! WOAH!

I also got a Bowie pillow, so I can sleep with Bowie every night!
I also got an awesome skull rug, rock candy, makeup, and a candle. I was very spoilt.

I really enjoyed my birthday party, I'm glad that everyone had fun.

Monday the 10th was my actual birthday, which I spent at work. It was very uneventful and quiet, because everyone in my department was away (either sick, or had time off). I treated myself to Ben and Jerry's ice cream after dinner, it was awesome :)


Bane said...

Woo, 25 times around the sun! :) I like your super cute dress. Glad you had a fun party. The Bowie paperdoll is hilarious!

Glorifine Loquace said...

Hi Natalie! I'm your follower for a few weeks now, and I really like you blog :) Happy birthday to you (a bit late)! That pin cushion is a real piece of art!

N. Finsternis said...

looks like fun! it´s always great to receive presents from people who know exactly what you like XD

Francesca said...

your blog is super cute I love it, and I want that pincushion omg. happy bday!


TanteFledermaus said...