Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Life's Entropy Makeup Review and Swatches

There's a new indie makeup brand in town, Life's Entropy, created by Jane who also runs an awesome makeup blog [here].

I've been going crazy over indie makeup lately, because they offer interesting eyeshadow shades that are not common in the mainstream makeup scene. Most indie eyeshadows seem to be loose, not pressed like the normal eyeshadows you're used to. Loose eyeshadow takes a little skills to get used to, but you'll get there!

I was very excited to sample Life's Entropy products. They offer a science geek makeup experience, with lipsticks, contour sticks, and eyeshadows having a science theme. I would love to see more dark eyeshadow colours, as I'm not the type for lighter shades.

My samples arrived in a bubble mailer. Only $8 for international shipping, bargain!!

Cute fake flower, and a free sample of 'Oh Deer' eyeshadow.

My haul.

I got samples of Enchant, Smoke Screen, Refraction, Astral Imprisonment, and a full jar of Black Hole. Along with my free sample of Oh Deer.
I was most excited about trying Astral Imprisonment and Black Hole because they were darker colours.

Lip Theory selection. These are compared to OCC Lip Tar, but way cheaper. There are 16 different colours available, and I love how you can mix the colours together, like making a dark purple by mixing the black and purple together. These small samples are more than enough to get lots of uses out of them.
Full size Big Bang Theory

Full Particle Contour Stick in 'Proton' and a sample of white foundation.

For my swatches, I used Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper on the left, Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk in the middle, and Pixie Epoxy on the right. All of the colours I swatched look best over Pixie Epoxy.

Eyeshadow created by Life's Entropy are vegan and cruelty free, also free from parabens and talc. I found that they were very pretty and pigmented, I will update my review once I've worn one of them all day :)
Samples are $1.50 usd 
Full sizes are $6.00 usd

is described as "shimmery dark blue with blue and purple shift, and blue sparkles"

Astral Imprisonment
I love this colour!! Dark green with a green shift

Smoke Screen
A purple-brown with a light purple shift

Green with a gold shift

Purple, with a lighter purple shift

My free sample of Oh Deer. Nice colour, although I doubt I will ever wear it.
Brown with gold shift.

Only used one coating for my swatches, but I found all of the samples to be creamy and covering. To get a fuller coverage you will probably need to do two coats, waiting a little time in between for the first to stick to your lips. I was worried that they were going to be sticky, because they are a liquid, instead I found them to feel like a creamy lipstick and they become more dry in time. 

I wore Osmosis all night for my Halloween costume, and the lipstick was very comfortable and none drying. I will need to experiment more in the future to gauge the wearability of the lipstick, but I've heard very good reviews from other bloggers where they found the lipstick to last all day!

The full size tubes come with a doe foot applicator, but I used a lip brush for my swatches. I would also suggest an invisible lip liner to prevent feathering.

Samples are $1.50 usd and very generous. A little goes a long way.
Full size is $8.00 usd

Crystal Violet
It would be more purple with a second coating.

A beautiful true red. Very vintage.

Perfect green.

I used this for my Halloween costume.

Big Bang Theory
Love this colour! A darker red, almost wine.

Really nice black, would look better with more coats.

White Foundation on the left and Contour Stick on the right.

White foundation is a staple of Goth makeup, and it's very hard to find the perfect one. This foundation can be mixed with your normal foundation to make it lighter. This is so useful, if you're like me and can't find pale foundation in stores. I will definitely be buying a full item of the white foundation in the future. There will also be Yellow foundation available in the future.
Sample $1.50 usd
Full size $8.00

 Contour sticks are used for contouring (duh). There are five different shades available. I choose the lightest shade but it might be a bit too yellow for my skin tone. The product comes in a windy lip tube, so you can apply it straight on your face and blend. I will have to try it on my face and let you know.
Sample $1.50 usd
Full Size $8.00

Conclusion: 100% recommend Life's Entropy for their Lip Theory collection. There are so many options, and something for everybody. I believe the prices are very reasonable.
I can't wait to see the future for this indie brand!

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Vicky Megamorphose said...

Love the brands name and lipstick packaging in little Eppendorf cups! Very cool.