Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pre-Birthday Dinner

I was going to spend Halloween on the couch with a horror film, but my dad and step-mum asked if we could go have a pre-birthday dinner because they're going on holiday next week.

We went to have yummy chinese food, and my sisters, Granny and her husband came too!

After we ate, we headed back to my parents place to have tea and cake. I also got my birthday present early (yay!). My family were talking about the 'good old days' (Post-war Britian).

Granny told a story how she used to scare my dad and uncles into going to bed by telling them the "9 o'clock 'orses (horses) will come and get them" then she'd go outside and tap on their window with a long stick to scare them! I think this may be a Leicester and rural tradition, because I did a bit of googling and could only find stories from Leicester (where my family is from).
My gran is a pretty awesome lady, raising four boys and immigrating to Australia in the 70s.

Here is my little sister, Heather, and I. She graduated high school last week!
I'm wearing:
Dress: Asos Curve
Cardigan: Hell Bunny
Tights: We Love Colors
Boots: Justin Roper Boots

Here is a more blurry shot to show that we're dorks. I lost my balance and nearly fell into the window, and Heather is laughing at me.

Here are my presents!
On the left is a cone incense burner, middle is a preloved Bowie vinyl, and on the right is a Phrenology bookend (came in a set of two)

I love the incense burner, you put the cone in the circle and the top on. Then the incense smoke will come out the top and look pretty. I need to stock up on cone incense, I only have stick incense.

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N. Finsternis said...

you are both so lovely! happy birthday, much love!