Thursday, November 20, 2014

"David Bowie Is" Exhibition Film

As you may already know, the Victoria and Albert museum in London created a David Bowie exhibition to celebrate all that is Bowie. It's called "David Bowie Is".
It was a huge success, and the exhibition is now traveling the world. They also released a film as a walkthrough of the exhibition, to show some interesting pieces and segments with guest stars explaining how Bowie has influenced them and the world. I think the film is for people who can't attend the exhibition, but would like to see how it looked and some of the items.

I enjoyed the film a lot, and I loved seeing some new things. What I didn't like was the inclusion of posed actors pretending to look at the exhibition items, because it looked so fake and awkward.

The exhibition will be coming to Melbourne, Australia next year and I have already bought my ticket. I have not been to Melbourne before, so I'm excited at the chance to visit although I'm more excited to see the Bowie exhibition.

The film showed at Luna Cinemas in Leederville. $25 is a bit expensive, seeing as the tickets for the exhibition itself are the same price.

My friend and I had pizza at Little Caesars in Leederville before the film. I'm pretty sure that Little Caesar's here is different from the one in America.
We had a chicken pizza, and a red velvet dessert pizza. Both were really, really good.
We couldn't finish them, even though they were really yummy.

I've only had dessert pizza twice, and it's slowly growing on me. I can't explain how good the red velvet was.

Here's me at the cinema, standing next to a Bowie display.
I can't wait to see the real exhibition next year in Melbourne!


Spookieness said...

Looks like it's in Chicago. I'd like to go check it out.

Little Caesar's over here in the States is nothing like that. It's pretty gross, actually. It tastes like cheese covered cardboard

Vicky Megamorphose said...

Dessert pizza??!! Crazy stuff...!

Mary Bart said...

My son and I went to the exhibition when it was in Toronto. It was amazing to see all his costumes in person. He is such a fascinating artist!

N. Finsternis said...

sounds cool. we also had a Bowie exhibition this year in Berlin but I didn´t go.
That Bowie dosplay looks anime-like haha!