Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Incursion Halloween 2014

I got to DJ at Incursion Halloween on Saturday 1st Nov. There was a great turnout, I think the night went really well.

Here's my skeleton Frederick Bonesworthington testing out the decks

Me and fellow DJ, Joel. I admire Joel because he's a minority, within a minority, within a minority. He's a gay alternative Aboriginal :) We don't see each other often, but he's a really genuine guy

Some club decorations

I'm a witch!
Sorry about the grotty bathroom mirror shot. Someone obviously didn't clean up properly. My witch costume is seriously what I usually wear to the club, I just added a witches hat.

The wig I used only cost $10 on ebay. Much better quality from those crappy costume store wigs!

I put a star on my forehead with inspiration from the T-Rex song 'Ride a White Swan'

I used some indie makeup brands, Life's Entropy and Shiro.
I used Life's Entropy Osmosis lipstick, I mixed in some darker blue around the corners of my lips. [my review of Life's Entropy]
I used Shiro's Evolve eyeshadow.

Heading home with Fred in the backseat.


⚡ Ms. Ladyfair ⚡️ said...

Holy crap that witch costume is amazing.

Elena Ferrari said...

Most beautiful witch I've ever seen!

Vicky Megamorphose said...

Haha for Fred in the backseat. I am storing a skeleton in my cellar, but see various different uses now...