Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blood And Glitter

Last weekend I went to a friends birthday party, which was held at Bar Open. She choose the theme of Blood and Glitter. Me and Nikki decided to go full out, which we love doing. We went on a quest for glitter, and we were well prepared for the weekend.

So, here is me. As you can see I went crazy with my makeup. I covered my eyebrows (I'll link the YouTube video I used at the end of this post). I made a new nose chain, which I love. I bought a tiara, but glued the skull on. And LOTS of glitter. I stuck glitter over my lipstick.

 This is before putting on my eyelashes and doing my hair.

Here is the finished product. I'm not wearing my corset in this photo, because I put on my corset after driving into Perth. It's super uncomfortable getting into a car wearing a corset.
This is a handmade dress recycled from my year 12 ball. 18th Century style.

And here is me with my best friend, Nikki.

Here is how I hid my eyebrows, only using a gluestick!

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