Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Wants

A cute cardigan? Well you may think so, but check out the back of it. 
 WTF! Why would anyone wear a cardigan with a lace back? If it was all the same cherry design I'd buy two. Oh well *sighs*
Black Cherry Lace Back Cardigan, Torrid $38usd. It's a bit overpriced too.

But this is VERY cute!!! I am totally buying this, even though it's very chilly at the moment.
Green & Black Poppy Print Tie Belt Dress, Yours Clothing £30.00.

Black Pleated Skirt, Torrid $38.50usd. Damn, I wish this came in my size. Only one size too small :(

I'll be buying hair bleach and dying my hair when I get paid next week. So watch out for that!

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