Friday, June 3, 2011

Being a Goody Two Shoes

For as long as I remember, I've always had good morals. I've grown up around drug users, alcoholics, and dole bludgers. I realised that I never wanted to be like them, so started my life long commitment to being 'good'. I've never done drugs, never drunk alcohol, never smoked. Whenever the topic comes up  (generally if I'm at a pub with new friends) the person gasps and says 'REALLY!?'
Like it's a big deal that a 21 year old has never had a drop of alcohol.

I don't identify as straight edge, which is a term generally used for the Punk subculture. I don't think there is a Goth version, but I don't want to be associated with straight edge anyway. I mean, I was thinking about this before I even knew there was a Punk movement about living straight. Lots of things do overlap with my lifestyle. I don't drink coffee (only because I don't like the taste), I'm still a virgin (not from choice).

I guess the one thing I identify with is the song 'Goody Two Shoes' by Adam Ant. Adam Ant is another person who has never taken drugs, he used to not drink but I think that's different now. I think having good morals shows great strength in a person. Being able to say 'no' when offered a pint of beer. I've even had a vodka breezer shoved in my hand, which I then give back to the person who gave it to me. This basically happened when a guy thought he could try and get into my good books by buying me alcohol, he looked kind of angry that I didn't drink thus wasting his money. Maybe he should of gotten to know me first?
(Not that I would of taken a drink from a stranger anyway, I've very picky)

I have a great support network with my friends. They don't know I rely on them. I'm lucky that all of my close friends aren't big drinkers. Sure, they drink sometimes, and some might even do drugs but they don't do it in front of me. I've never seen one of my friends blind drunk, I secretly thank them for this everyday.

Sometimes I think that being 'goody' is the most rebellious of all. A definition of rebel is to resist control. People who drink/drugs/etc are being controlled by their peers. I am not, thus I am a rebel. I am stubborn and an individual. I will not do something just because you say I should, I will think it over and follow through based on my decision.

When I was in High School, my fellow students were pressured by their friends to be 'cool' and get really drunk. I don't find drunkenness cool. What is so great about acting like an idiot, falling over, vomiting, hangovers and blackouts.
I'm not against drinking, mind you, I think it's okay to enjoy a drink or two (or whatever). I just find it stupid and unnecessary to drink to get drunk.

Those people who say they can't have fun without drinking? Every weekend I go clubbing, at Club Unknown, from open to close. I only drink water, and I'm dancing more than anyone there. I don't need dutch courage to get onto the dance floor. Just give me Sisters of Mercy and I'm there.

I've never said this before, but it saddens me that some of my intermediate family abuse drugs and alcohol. And everyday it's a reminder of what I don't want to end up like.

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Christina said...

How have I not come across your fabulous blog before!! You are amazing! Your style, personality, and outlook on various topics is just all together brill! So happy to have found your blog and look forward to your next posts! And love the username by the way! XD this post, like all your posts, was very well and truthfully stated! Take care deary and can't wait for more!