Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Wants- Retroscope Edition

Oh yeah, I'm still being lazy. I've purchase a CRAP LOAD of clothes from Yours Clothing and Evans. When they arrive I will do a big review on everything I got. I also purchased the zombie handbag I've been wanting.

Anyway, today I'm doing a small bit on the web store Retroscope, which sells Victorian and Lolita type clothing.
I used to look at this website for ages, wishing I had enough money to buy something.

ALSO: The image uploader is playing around on me, so I can't put up another item that I was going to. Sorry about that.

 Black Victorian Grand Dame Blouse. Retroscope Fashions, $64.95usd. It's very impossible for me to find a nice girly blouse. The only one I have is a converted men's shirt with lace stitched to the cuffs that I made myself. I would love something like this.

Gothic Aristocrat Chiffon Skirt. Retroscope Fashions, $99.99usd? How lovely is this skirt? It's pretty cheap too. I love the layers and I can imagine it with a corset and flowy top.

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