Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wedneday Wants- Job Edition

So, I got a job! YAY!!!
I am so happy, I'm starting Thursday. I spent all last night thinking about what stuff I can buy. Things I've been craving but don't have enough money for.
So, this is the wish list that will most likely come true. I'm totally buying that zombie chomper handbag from a previous Wednesday Want. And a whole lot of waist belts.

Shadoweyes, Volume 2 Shadoweyes In Love. $9usd Amazon. I've loved Ross Campbell's work since picking up a copy of The Abandoned in my local comic store. His characters are mainly alternative and there are HEAPS of curvy girls, each with a unique style. I'm a big fan of his series Wet Moon, and I've collected all his works. Shadoweyes is a fairly recent comic book from Ross, but apparently he's had the idea ever since a child. I look forward to more work from him.

The Walking Dead, Volume 11 Fear The Hunters. $9usd Amazon. I'm also a fan of the Walking Dead series of comics. I collected my first issue back in high school, it was on sale and I love anything zombie related. I then collected the rest of the series, and I'm up to Volume 10. I haven't had enough money to buy Volume 11 and upwards. I can't wait to re-read the whole series, it only takes me about 30mins to get though one. Totally worth it though, brilliant characters and great artwork. Plus zombies!

Glam Breakfast Mug. Hark! A Vagrant, $14usd. It's a Ziggy Stardust mug, what more can I say?

Black steel boned buckle corset. Minx Corsets, $150aud. I need a new corset! Luckily one of my good friends runs a corset shop. I've always wanted a buckled corset, and I love the fact that it's satin and not PVC like so many corsets with buckles.

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