Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wednesday Wants

My new job is great. I wont get paid for a few weeks, but I don't mind. It's means I wont spend it all.

Today's items don't include any fashion, I've been looking around but haven't seen anything of interest.

Gorilla Perfume Mini Set, Lush Cosmetics $24.95aud. I've been craving a new perfume, but I don't know what I want and what will suit me. I remember smelling a perfume while clubbing once, and asked the girl what she was wearing. Lust, Gorilla Perfume. The scents I don't like, I'll give to friends.

 Mattify! Ulta, Mattify! Cosmetics $12.99usd. Oh shiny face, the bane of my life. I've only recently been using Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (It's brilliant), before that I was a shiny oily mess. I'd really love to try this as I've been needing a new face powder. The price is cheap, but will it be any good?
Zombie Head Cookie Jar, Think Geek $39.99usd. I LOVE THIS! Zombies and cookies go so well together. I've been wanting this ever since it came out, and it's inclusion today may be the fact I'm craving chocolate.

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