Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tired Feet and Lots of Junk

 Today I went shopping with my friend Dani into Perth. I wore red lipstick, even though I get scared someone will say "You're wearing xmas colours!!"
Just... no...

My Night of the Living Dead shirt is really old. I remember getting it for $60 back when I was in high school (I bugged my dad so much to buy it for me). It was originally a long sleeve men's shirt, which I never wore because it was too hot in summer and too cool for winter. So, I did some DIY and cut the neck and sleeves. I do love this shirt, the only thing is that it's a dark grey instead of black (Oh the horror!)

Lovely picture of Barbara on the back (They're coming to get you, Barbara!)
Other items of clothing:
Skirt- Target
Tights- We Love Colors
Boots- Dr. Martens
Bangles- Evans

I was going to wear my Underground Winklepickers, but it was raining and they are open at the front. The weather has been very strange at the moment, last week was all sunny and around 30 degrees. I actually took out my parasol so I didn't get burnt on the way to work.
Then the last few days have been rainy and thunderstorms. I had to find my umbrella amongst all my black clothes (it was at the bottom of course)

 Here is me and Dani looking uber cool.

 I did a crap load of shopping. I got a small sunscreen for my bag, one for my face. I got Bepanthen for my tattoo which I will be getting this Wednesday (used to cover the tattoo and heal it)

 Also new cosmetics. Australis stayput pencil liner, Rimmel liquid eyeliner, Rimmel face powder (for handbag), and a Rimmel jet black eyeshadow (it was buy 2 get 1 free at the shop)

 I also got a Monster High doll! I really like them, but I won't be getting them all. I already have a Ghoulia Yelps doll from a while back when they first came out here. My friend Dani loves these so much, she also has a talent for customising them. Making piercings and clothing for them, it's really awesome!

 I could not resist buying this shirt. It was $10, so I got one for both me and Dani. It's a 'one size fits all' (except fat girls) so I'm going to cut into the back and make it a bit bigger.

I also got this really cute dress from Target. I don't usually shop there because the plus size selection is so frumpy, but it's good to check because they sometimes have gems like this. Also, I HATE their plus size tights range (as I have written a post about it).
This dress is nice though, it's shorter at the front and longer at the back with crochet at the bottom. It's a cotton dress, which will stretch but I still got a size larger just in case. The only problem with it is the sleeves, I hate sleeveless items and I'll be wearing a cardigan with this.

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