Thursday, November 3, 2011

Extra Halloween

I have a few photos that I keep forgetting to upload, so here they are.
The above photo was taken at Club Unknown where me and my friend were helping set up decorations. I was so excited to see Bela Lugosi! I wanted to steal the cut out.

Also another story: I had put up my hawk early in the day and caught the train to the club. Lots of people laughing at me and general staring people, it's not too bad when I'm listening to music but it really sucks.
I got off the train and started walking, when a guy stopped me. He was a foreign student come to Perth to learn English and he thought I was beautiful!
He asked for a photo, which I let him take, and he kept on saying how beautiful I was. It kinda made up for the general crappiness on the train.

 I bought a hat the other day for $10. I don't wear hats, but I really want one of those awesome 80s hats (like Boy George wears) I saw this at the discount area and I thought a $10 hat was too good to pass up.

 Me in the hat!

 Also found some Halloween decorations while shopping. These are window stickers, I've already put up a skeleton and spiderweb.

 Wall decorations, featuring bats!

Twisties brand of chips came out with ghost chips! I never figured out what 'spookily flovoured' meant, but the little ghost shapes were cute. I bought two packets, and they didn't taste too bad.

 There were also Halloween candle holders at Dusk. One featured a witch and tombstones.

 The other had bats and a vampire face. Glad I bought these, because that night the power went out!

 A woman had driven her car into the power pole which snapped in half and smashed her car. There had to block off the streets. Lots of police, firetrucks, and ambulances. The whole street came out wearing their pyjamas to see the fire fighters working to free the woman (she was okay and got carted off the the ambulance)

We had no power for two days though :(

Finally, this is the jack-o-lantern that I made for Halloween. I've been doing it for years, but I'm not very good at making it neat and tidy.

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