Saturday, November 5, 2011

EBM Grows On You: Part 1

I used to hate EBM with a passion. I'd shudder and groan at the club when it was played, wishing they'd put on some Siouxsie instead.
I listened to only trad goth bands. Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, etc. I thought EBM and Industrial music was a waste of time...
Then it grew on me...
I started liking certain EBM songs at the club. I wouldn't dance to them, but my foot wouldn't stop tapping.

It's generally a joke amongst my friends that I'm an 'elitist' goth because I only liked trad goth. They liked lots of EBM and dance type music, which slowly got me into it.

Now days I'm right on the dance floor with them when a EBM song is played.
I know some of you might be the same as me, hating EBM. So I thought I'd show you a few songs I really enjoy so you can slowly get into it too. Some of the songs aren't considered EBM, but they're different from trad goth.
Most of these are generally considered club classics, so you'll most likely hear them at the clubs you go to.

Once In A Lifetime by Wolfsheim

My World by Colony 5

Call The Ships To Port by Covenant

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Darling Violetta said...

I used to be the same way! But, that was in my "insecure baby bat" phase. I has actually never even listened to industrial or ebm since I was afraid of being called a poseur by the "gother than thou" crowd I looked up to. It wasn't until later that I started listening to ebm and industrial and saw that I DID like it.

Really good songs you posted, btw. :)