Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Birthday Bits

I started my sleeve tattoo last Wednesday! I got it done by Josh at Foothills Tattoo. He has done a lot of work on my friend, and I love his art.

The tattoo studio is next to this salon, which reminds me of Earth Girls Are Easy (one of my favourite films)

Behold my fat arm!! Josh drew the design himself. I told him I wanted a sexy librarian with lots of books!
Right now my tattoo is good, but it's in the itchy stage.

I got two cards for my birthday at work! It was so nice! They also bought me a bunch of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (which are not available widely in Australia). I put them in the skull next to the telephone.

 That night my close friends too me out to Sizzler which is ALL YOU CAN EAT! Let me just say, I was glad I was wearing my fat dress :P
This is me and Holly doing our best "Let's eat everything in the damn place because we're fat" faces.

And my other friend made me cupcakes! Awwww...

 This was from last weekend (13th Nov) after I DJed at The Loft. I got a new dress from Yours Clothing. The first one I sent for actually didn't arrive (lost in the mail?) I contacted Yours and they were great about sending a free replacement.

Random pictures from my phone:

Waiting for the train.

From a cemetery I visited.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS! And WOOT for the tattoo! It looks AWESOME. Seriously cool. Hugs from NYC!

Jyrk said...

Love the shot of your boots! Looks professionally exposed.

Kim said...

Cool tattoo... its a great design! :D

Sizzler.. now there is somewhere I have not been in years!! :D

mo shockey said...

i see my face!!! xD

mo shockey said...

also: arrrgh! i'll have to send you some stuff when the semester's over. i have been hanging onto it for aaaaages!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Love your outfit, you have a great sense of style!

Natalie said...

Professeur Gothique: Thank you for the birthday wishes! You're brill, I love your blog <3

Jyrk: I'm terrible and just use a 'hipster' exposure setting on my camera. Not very professional at all :P

Kim: I don't go to Sizzler often, I think it's the children and families that annoy me. But all you can eat is great, especially with friends. I don't have to pretend to have table manners.
The tattoo was drawn by my tattooist, so it's original (yay).

Mo: I totally have your photo up at work! I'm a stalker, what can I say? I also have a few bits to send over to you, but I want to get a good package. I was going to get you some Tim Tam's too, I don't think I've sent them before.

Vulcan: Thank you very much! Sometimes I try to put effort into my outfits, and sometimes I wear whatever is on the floor and get compliments anyway! :)