Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ross Campbell, a Spotlight on

Ross Campbell is a comic book artist and writer. I picked up his comic, The Abandoned, which follows a group of friends at the start of a zombie apocalypse. Sadly, the comic wasn't continued so I didn't get to find out what happened to the characters.

But I loved Ross's artwork. He draws lots of curvy girls with awesome fashion sense. I did a little research and found he had other comics.
I bought Water Baby, which follows a girl trying to find her life after having her leg bitten off by a shark. It's only a one off story, but a really good read non the less.

Then I found Wet Moon. This is a continuing series about a group of friends. There isn't an overall plot at the moment (not that I can see anyway) but there are many different stories with each character. I loved how there is something new to learn in each comic.

Ross's artwork in Wet Moon has changed drastically over each comic. Different features get changed and one of the characters put on weight! I loved all of this! They each have their own quirks and different fashions.

I'm such a fan girl that I even got feet tattoos that matched Fern from Wet Moon (then I got creepy emails from foot fetish guys *shudder*)

Lastly is his new comic Shadoweyes, which is set in a future city. Scout is a vigilante who get injured during a fight. After she recovers she finds out she's changing into a strange creature with superhero abilities.
Visit his website [here]
Visit his deviantart page [here]

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