Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Work Clothes

I'm very lucky enough to work in a job where they don't care what I wear. I still wear clothes that are office appropriate, and I feel really strange when I go casual. My makeup is very plain (for me). I wear my foundation, powder, liquid eyeline, eyeshadow. I colour my eyebrows in with black liner pencil (only because my eyebrows are very light)

Here is my outfit from Monday:

Very casual. About as casual as I will go. Can you believe I got this Bauhaus shirt for $2 on ebay?
I'm wearing a pencil skirt from City Chic and patent leather boots from ebay ($40)
Also, my arse looks great in this skirt.

Here's my outfit for today (Tuesday):

Usually I wear my tops over my skirts, but I thought I would try tucking with a belt. I love this shirt, which I got from Target. They had it in red and I was sad that they didn't have black, then I was browsing through the shirts and found a black one!! I was so happy! It has lace on the shoulders and part of the back, so my tattoos peek out. I also love the pussy bow (don't you love saying that word?)
The skirt is from Evans, fishnets from Kmart and boots are Dr. Martens

The strangest thing though, is that I didn't get to wear this outfit to work! I got to the train station and there were no trains running. I waited around for an hour and a half and there was an announcement saying that trains on all lines were delayed or cancelled. There were bus replacements, but I can imagine that being a nightmare. So I called in sick :P
Instead I went to get some groceries and had a hot chocolate and Tim Tam cake. I came home and made a meal in my slow cooker and painted my nails. Good day overall.
I feel sorry for the people stuck in the trains.

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Bane said...

What a steal on the Bauhaus shirt! I love the lacy shirt, and it looks nice tucked in with a belt. Mmmm, Tim Tam! An Australian co-worker introduced me to Tim Tam (they're labeled "cookies" here in the States). Delicious!