Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday I'm In Love

Short post today. I've been really sick the last two days vomiting :( I haven't vomited since I was a kid, so it was scary. I don't get sick often, I haven't even had a cold/flu for a year. I'm much better today, I'm at work but still sore and weak.

The Naked and The Dead by Siglo XX
Totally Gawth, no? The lyrics "dead bodies, dead bodies!" kinda makes me laugh.

Primary by The Cure


Invi Martyr said...

Hope You'll get better :) I'm sending You a lot of positive energy! :*

Nebel Finsternis Violet said...

Oh noes feel well! I actually "like" vomiting whenever i have a stomach sickness because i know that this is what will make me feel better, i actually got these stuff a lot when i was a kid and till this day.
feel well dear and rest a lot!