Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Wow, I had such a crazy spike in views yesterday! It's crazy, and I still can't believe Tess Munster actually likes my blog!

I've got a few posts planned:
- How to bleach your hair roots (including photos of me looking like a dork)
- Halloween Horror Movie month (October) I'll be watching and reviewing a bunch of horror movies for the whole month! Is anybody interesting in reading this? I love corny horror films
- A giveaway competition to my followers! You guys are great, so I thought I'd finally give something back to you. I'm collecting prizes now :) I have to think of some handmade stuff that I can give away.
- Pennangalan winklepicker review. I think you'll die when you see the shoes I just received, they're so shiney and pretty


SaryWalrus said...

Oooh! A few days ago I tagged you in the Obituary challenge and forgot to mention it. :3

But I can't wait for the Wrinklepicker review. I've been really drawn to pointy boots lately.

Nebel Finsternis Violet said...

I would really want you to make a tutorial on how to bleach hair! It would help so much because I was thinking about bleaching mine.
Winklepickers? OH how lucky are you!!! :D

BellaDonna said...

Halloween horror movie reviews?? YES!! I'm looking forward to this now. :-)

Eco In Black said...

I feel cool when I get 10 views in a day. That's awesome!

Courtney Cadaver said...

I would love to read your horror movie reviews! I also saw Tess mention your blog and gave a squee, she is so inspirational!