Sunday, September 16, 2012

Scaredy Cat

Yesterday I was invited along to the Morley Rollerdrome with some friends.

Grinning like a fool, I wore:
Cardigan: Target
Dress: Target
Leggings: Target
Boots: Op Shop
I chickened out! I put on the skates, but I felt so uncomfortable that I took them off again. I just couldn't do it. I used to love skating when I was younger.
They offer beginner lessons at the rink, do you think I should take some?
I'm not interested in joining Roller Derby, I just remembered that I loved skating when I was little. I think I got scared because it's such a long way to the ground because I'm so tall.


Laura Morrigan said...

I shouldn't comment on this cause I am uncoordinated. If you are coordinated and want to do it, go ahead. Just remember- bruises and ouchies!

Sassy said...
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Anonymous said...

I would sell them. I could never wear shoes that didn't zip as they were supposed to, even if they buckled and stayed on. It wouldn't do justice to the original design in a way, it makes the fact that they're vintage not as important if the way they were intended to be worn differently. But that's just one of my own weird preferences.

If you truly love them, it doesn't matter much.
Have you worn them yet? It's harder to sell things if you've gotten attached, isn't it? :)

Courtney Cadaver said...

I think you should go for it! It can't hurt to try, right? (well, I guess in this case it could, hahaha) They make knee/elbowpads and shin/wristguards for a reason!