Sunday, September 16, 2012

Keep or Sell?

A little while ago I won an ebay auction for a pair of vintage winklepicker Dr. Martens. They cost a pretty penny, but when I saw them I knew I had to have them. They were my size!

I little while ago I got contacted, on ebay, by a German fellow asking if he could buy the shoes off me. He's willing to pay more than I bought them for, plus shipping.

I'm at a loss what to do. Do I tell him to bugger off? Or do I sell him the shoes?

I love the shoes, these are my thoughts:
  • I'm worried they might wear out quickly.
  • I have to wear them in (blisters, ouch) but this is a problem with all Dr. Martens.
  • I can't zip them up all the way, BUT I can buckle all of the buckles. So wearing them with the zips down isn't a problem.
  • If I sell the shoes, I'll have money. But I CAN afford these shoes, I'm not poor.
  • They're vintage and in my size. I've never seen Dr. Martens like these before
What do you think I should do?

Ignore fat leg and messy floor.
UPDATE: Thanks everyone for your comments. I've decided to keep the shoes!


Laura Morrigan said...

A few things I would consider-

Do you like the new ones you just bought more?

Would you ever wear these?

Is this a legit offer? (pretty obvious, but make sure he isn't scamming you.)

Would wearing them with the zips undone damage them over time?

Insomniac's Attic said...

If they fit and you love them, I'd keep 'em. Especially if they're rare. I find the minute I think I'm never going to wear something again and give it away, I immediately wish I hadn't! ;o)

Bane said...

I'd consider the opportunity cost. If you sold the shoes, what would you buy with the proceeds? Then the important question is: Would you like the new purchase better than the shoes?

Sassy said...

Honestly I'd keep them. They're amazing, and you like them, plus you don't need money. They will last as much as they can, you're gonna treat them good, and nothing else matters.
Nothing compares the pleasure of wearing something you like so much ;-)

Courtney Cadaver said...

If you love them, they fit, and you'll wear them to death then I'd say keep them! They are really unique and with care they will probably last you for years.

Nebel Finsternis Violet said...

They are cool because they are vintage and rare, but to tell you the truth your other vinyl Wincklepickers look much better! These ones look kind of grungie... i dunno..
You can always save them up for newer generations who would want to lay their hands on them! And maybe with the years they would be even more vintage and you'll like them better.
I say keep them they're too good :P

Inmate 4 said...

I say keep. They fit, look great, you got them first and Doc Martens hold up for a good deal of time - I have pointy ones in a similar shape and they've lasted me four years so far.

Cupcake.on.Crack said...

Same thing is happening to me with a vintage Norman Original dress! I have no idea, but I kept mine. Like a happy go lucky pensniless dumdum. But if you love love em and there's nothing you can do about that. KEEP THEM, you'll probably never come face to face with something like at. Ever. Hold onto your lovely vintage finds

SkeletonOrchid said...

I would keep it,
I have to tell you it's the first time I see this boots and I am already in love, and even tho Docs really need to be broken they become quite confy after that.
I don't know about you, but on the past i sold things, thinking i would buy them again and know they i just can't find it anymore