Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wax Seals

I'm part of a Goth/Alternative letter writing group called The Inkwell. I love writing letters, I love stationary and pens and stickers. I've been looking around for some nice wax seals for a while, and I finally found some great ones at Seasons Creations.

I wanted some plain spooky seals, like a bat or something. Anything on ebay was overpriced. I was even thinking about getting something custom made.

Seasons Creations offers a wide range of wax seal stamps and sealing wax. I was instantly drawn to the spooky ones, and I bought a bat, spider and a spiderweb. I also bought a few wax sticks.

The price was very fair, and shipping to Australia was cheap. I even got refunded around $2 because I got over quoted for postage. I think that's brilliant! I've never really seen a business that would go to the trouble of refunding such a low amount.

My package came in a plain padded envelope, but there was a seal on the back of a pretty tree!

 Everything inside was packaged nicely in little boxes, here are my seals:
Sealing wax.

The tested seals look brilliant!

I recommend Seasons Creations, they were great! My penpals will have to lookout for my letters, I can't wait to use the seals.


Laura Morrigan said...

So cool! I have been wanting to get a seal, although I rarely write letters in hard copy anymore. Maybe I will look into this, thanks for sharing!

Insomniac's Attic said...

Oh goody, I can hardly wait to get a letter - with a bat seal, please and thank you! LOL. Did ya' get my postcard yet? :D

jurassicgoth said...

Love those seals!