Saturday, September 29, 2012


Look what's coming to The Loft!

Guess who get to DJ? YAAAAY! The Loft has been on a bit of a break. Each Sunday there has been live music instead. I'm not a live music type of girl, all of my favourite tunes are long gone. That's why we need nights like The Loft. I get to play The Cure set, but I'm excited about dancing to the others! I haven't danced to New Order and Depeche Mode in ages.

This in coming in December. I will be DJing, along with a bunch of other great DJs. If you're in Perth I would love to see you there. It'll probably be lots of hard music, Industrial and EBM. I'll be playing some soft stuff, to shake it up a bit. I need to figure out what to wear, I own nothing military!

Also, dear readers, please visit the blog Deus Ex Machina. The writer, Nebel Violet, is really beautiful and her outfits are wonderful (plus she lives in Israel, it must be hard being Goth there). I think she needs a few more readers!

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Dani DeathBiscuit said...

No idea what I'm wearing to this either! I don't have many /acceptable/ military items.
I mainly have olive coloured bits and pieces. I do own an army dress by Beserk Clothing, perhaps this shall work? :3 can't wait to see you there!

-Stalk over.