Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fremantle with Dani

Me and my friend Dani went to Fremantle on the 3rd. Fremantle is less than an hour away from Perth, and I love it. It's full of historical buildings from when Perth was a colonial town. It's a harbour town, right next to the beach. Cruise ships and Army ships regularly dock there.
There is a lot of limestone there, and many of the buildings were built using convict labour.

We caught the train, which takes about an hour. The Fremantle train line goes past Karrakatta Cemetery, so there's always something to look out for :P Also there's a lot of photos, so it might take awhile to load.

Here is my pretty friend, Dani.

On the train, looking at the ocean.

When I was a kid I always thought this was a rocking horse.

The harbour at Fremantle, where there are heaps of ships. It's always fun to go over here on the train.
Super hungry, so we got food straight away. Nom nom nom.
We headed over to the Fremantle markets, which are my favourite markets in the Perth area.

Here they sell heaps of stuff. I mainly get Scottish Tablet, which is so yummy. It's handmade and I can only find it in Freo.
Plus the cheap incense. I love incense, but if I burn too much I get a sore throat :P
I also got some Lavender oil for my oil burner. I really, really love Lavender.

Me and Dani always go to Timezone to get our photo taken. My room is full of these photos of us.
In these, my hair blended into the background because of the green screen :P

Timezone is a arcade full of games. You put money on your Timezone card and play whichever games you want. You can earn points to buy prizes. I only have a Timezone card for photobooths, so I was surprised to find I had enough points to get these disco balls. One for Dani and one for me.
I actually only had enough points for one ball, but the dude behind the counter was really nice and gave me one for free!
Oh yeah, and I put my hair in a mohawk ^_^

Dani in a shop. On a quest to find her new ear plugs. Look at all the overpriced shirts!

We were both laughing at the mass produced/overpriced 'Goth' stuff.

Here is what I wore! Dani kept taking angled shots, so it's not my fault!
Cardigan: New Look (Inspire)
Zombie Shirt: Shop in Manchester (UK)
Skirt: Op Shop ($3)
Tights: We Love Colors
Boots: Dr. Marten
Zombie Bag: Iron Fist.
Rosary necklace: $2 shop (ages ago)

I have no idea what clothes Dani wore.

I think my hohawk turned out okay. I was going to do a death hawk, but I really wanted to try a mohawk for once.

The Fremantle City Hall. I've always loved the freaky looking swan statues on the building.

We went to Dome for dessert. Here is Dani's Demonia coffin bag.

Dani, dreading the task ahead.

Nom nom nom. I had a cup of tea and a bit of cake. Dani had a iced chocolate.

On the train home, we were so tired.

Also, Dani found some good ear plugs!


Anonymous said...

I loved this post. I enjoyed all of you pictures. Really cheered me up! :)

Kim said...

Great photos! they make me home sick!! :) Dani is super cute too!! :D Fun post :D

Tenebris In Lux said...

Hahahahaha, I would have never thought of that! Green hair and green screens :-P

Your friend is adorable ^_^ But I really think you look good with a Mohawk.

Phoenix said...

I really like this post :) You guys both look great! I'm so jealous of all the good markets you guys have in Australia. I love going to the markets over there. TABLET IS SO NOMS.

Natalie said...

Boots: I'm super glad this entry made you happy!

Kim: Are you originaly from Australia? Where abouts?

Tenebris: I was so bummed about the green screen/green hair :P

Phoenix: Tablet is the best, I'm surprised there is still some left over. I'm going to eat it now!

Kim said...

From Perth! :)

I left there and came to the UK about 8 years ago :D

Amy Bourriaque said...

Hey Nat, I know you probley dont come on here anymore but, I was wondering where you and Dani gets your bat jewelry. My boyfriend is a deathrocker and he loves bats ( so do i lol) But here in America we are limited to a few Gothic websites that bats on them and most of them are not what we are looking for. So if anyone can help i will be very thankful :)