Sunday, August 28, 2011

DIY Image on Bag

- Bag
- Image you want on bag
- Safety pins
- Scissors
I always keep stuff I think useful. I got a free cloth bag from a travel expo I went to. I wouldn't of used it because of the boring logo, so I thought to put something over it.
 Plain boring cloth bag.

 Image of Kermit the frog that I cut out from a t-shirt (This is where the scissors come in). You can use any image, I find old shirts are good. Maybe you have a shirt that doesn't fit, but you like the design. Or the shirt is old and tattered.

My most favourite thing in the whole world. You can get 200 safety pins from discount stores. I got mine from the Reject Shop (Australia). I actually need to get some more, I'm running out :(

 Pin the image to the bag. Make sure to get it even.


I guess some people might not like the whole "safety pin stuff on other stuff" but I really love it!

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