Friday, May 11, 2012

EBM Grows On You: Part 5

Aggrotech and Hellectro. Wikipedia defines this as "Aggrotech regularly consists of harsh song structures, aggressive beats, and explicit, pessimistic, militant lyrics" [source]

It was a bit difficult to get into this sort of music. I really dislike screamy singing, but I think the band that made me love Aggrotech was Feindlug. I slowly started listening to the music more and got used to it over time.

Ersatzteil by Feindflug

I remember hearing this song so often at the club that I really started to like it. It's so stompy and flowing at the same time.

Another Aggrotech band is Nactmahr, who I had the pleasure of seeing in 2011. A very good band with a great stage performance.

Tanzdiktator by Nachtmahr

Boom Boom Boom by Nactmahr

Here are some more songs:

Spit It Out by Aesthetic Perfection

Bind Torture Kill by Suicide Commando

The Source by God Module

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SaryWalrus said...

This is Agrotech? I always thought it was just Industrial. I love these bands. :3

Alexandriaweb said...

I wouldn't really class Agrotech as EBM, there's a lot of crossover yes but they aren't really the same thing imo.