Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sydney, April 20th-22nd 2012

I was invited to go with my best friend, Merissa, to Sydney to attend Mr and Miss Alternative Finals. The event runners, John and Sharon, are from Perth and are owners of a clothing website and sponsors of The Crypt.

I thought I wouldn't be able to save up enough money for the trip, but I stuck to my budget. I had never been over to east Australia before, my first plane trip was to the UK in 2010.

We decided to catch a plane on Thursday, so that we'd have Friday to sight see (Saturday was for helping out with the competition contestants. Sunday wasn't planned).

We arrived nice and early at the airport. We grabbed a milkshake each and waited for our plane to board. The plane trip was alright, we laughed too much while watching t.v. and the lady sitting next to us gave us evil stares.

We touched down in Sydney around 11pm and caught a taxi to our hotel. We stayed at the fancy Novotel for the first night. I've never stayed in a hotel before, so I was super excited.

The beds were so soft! Merissa just flopped down on one and didn't want to move.

They had an Ipod dock, so I got to play my tunes loudly.

And a bathtub!! SO FANCY!

We got a buffet breakfast in the morning, which was really nice. It gave us strength for the huge amount of walking we were about to do.

Sydney from our hotel window. Low cloud, it was humid the whole weekend :(

Here I am, looking awesome. I wore a basic outfit for the whole weekend, just a black skirt and shirt. I only had two shirt, and I should have really bought three with me. I have my club outfit in my bag, I think I need to get better luggage for the next time I go somewhere.

Here is the lovely Merissa

Using my trusty phone GPS we set off in search of our friend who was to show us around Sydney.

I really, really love photobooths. We don't have ones like this in Perth

Sadly I lost them! :(
Me and Merissa joked that a cute guy will find them and have an Australia wide hunt for us :P

Merissa found a carousel and just had to ride it! :)

We finally found our friend, Madi, and she let us put our bags where she worked. Can you guess where she works? :P

Merissa bought a pack of cloves because she's awesome. I don't smoke, but cloves are very cool

We went to the Paddington markets

YEAH! I should have bought this.

Me, Madi, and a random chick in the background.

Trains in Sydney have two levels! So strange!

Here is Merissa and Madi

We took the train to Newtown which is the 'arty' section of Sydney. It has hipsters and good shops

People love this part of Sydney because it still has a lot of Victorian buildings around.

We had mexican food for lunch, I've never had mexican takeout before. It was so good!

Visiting some shops, this is a pinup type shop.

I really loved this little case, it was green glitter. Now if the leopard print was a gothy bat print instead.

The famous Gallery Serpentine

This shop was the best decorated shop I've ever seen. There were coffins and skeletons. Sadly most of the items were overpriced and the music section was all metal. Sydney seems to be a metal music town.

This is where we stayed the second and third night. Not as impressive as the Novotel.

We were in Kings Cross, the notorious part of Sydney known for it's crime and prostitutes. We were so tired from walking around all day that it was great to just sit down and do nothing.

On Friday night/Saturday morning some young kids got shot by the police. They were driving a car on the sidewalk and had run over two people. It happened right up our road.
Me and Merissa slept through this!
On Saturday we went with the contestants to the tourist area. They had some professional photos taken while me and Merissa took time out to just look around.
Lots of cute asians were asking us for photos :P

It was so cool to see the Opera House and the bridge. They're such icons of Australia.

This was the view from our hotel room :-/
We were still so tired from walking around that we rested for a few hours back at our room. Merissa had a nap and then tried to plan her music for the competition that night.

The venue was VERY unprepared. They didn't tell Merissa that she was DJing until Friday. Luckily she bought some CDs with her, otherwise we'd be screwed. The venue was not set up when we arrived, and the DJ decks didn't have headphones (The dude was DJing off a ipod, what the hell?)

Merissa was judging the competition, so I got to DJ while the contestants were doing their runway. Yay!

Blurry photo of my outfit.

Lace shirt: From ex-friend
Corset: Minx Corsets
Skirt: random
Boots: Demonia

I had a nice time in Sydney. I don't think it's as great as Perth though. I wish there were some better things to see, along the lines of museums and art galleries.

There were lots of people walking dogs in the city, it was awesome. I love seeing dogs :)
There were lots of stairs too!

Sunday was spent sight seeing at The Rocks. This was the one place I really wanted to see while in Sydney so I was very glad I got to see it.

We were so tired that we went to the airport early and just sat down. I bought a box of Krispy Kreme donuts for my friends in Perth. Krispy Kreme doesn't have any shops in Perth, so everyone is crazy about them (I don't mind them, they just taste like donuts to me).


SkeleDuck said...

How do you look so good all of the time? Particularly after staying at the second hotel... I'd look like a bag of potatoes.

And thank you for educating me about double-decker trains. That is such a surreal shot.

SaryWalrus said...

It so strange to see pictures of you and read you talking about somewhere I've been so many times.

There are quite a lot of museums and art galleries in Sydney they're just rather hard to find. :3

But your trip sounds so awesome!

Natalie said...

Skeletduck: I didn't think I looked good, I stuck to really plain clothes so no one would notice :P

SaryWalrus: I didn't know if any of my readers were Sydney people :-/
Seeing as I was only there a few days, I had to cram a lot in. Wish I knew about more things so I can explore more the next time I come :)

Alexandriaweb said...

They have those double decker trains in mainland Europe but not in Britain. I got stupidly over-exited by getting to ride one when I went to Amsterdam last month :)

Tenebris In Lux said...

I love your outfit so much! The bathtub photo was my favorite, though .. :-o And I want to steal the Mexican takeout and your awesome suitcase !

SkeleDuck said...

@Gothy: It's just you (at the risk of sounding like a stalker). You just look awesome. XD

@Alexandriaweb: Gods, I'm so poorly travelled. I must see more places.

Natalie said...

Tenebris: I painted my suitcase myself! :) My super large one has a Bauhaus logo on it, I always know which one is mine :P

Dani DeathBiscuit said...

Ooh! Ideas!
I'm going to Sydney soon, looking for some good shops to go to :):)

You always look awesome! What's your secret? -sneaky-

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Ooooh, you got to go to Gallery Serpentine, I am jealous!!

jurassicgoth said...

Looks like you had a great time. You looked fabulous as always :-)

Lanternarius said...

I love your world. Thanks for letting us have a peep into it!