Saturday, May 5, 2012

Old School Goth

On Thursday night (May 3rd 2012) I went to an old school goth night by myself. Sadly my friends are not into post-punk and traditional goth, like I am. I was really nervous going by myself, especially since I had to walk into town by myself all dressed up.

The night was held at a pub, the event was created by one of the elder goths who missed listening to good music and meeting up with old friends. I'm very young, so I didn't know many people there. At least I looked good!

I paid $6 for a pint of lemonade! It was such a rip off. I had water afterwards, because glasses of water are free

Batcave shirt: Zazzle (on the internet)
Skirt: City Chic
Epic Belt: Ebay
Tights: Random
Boots: Demonia
Lace Gloves: Supre


Cupcake.on.Crack said...

It takse a whole lot of courage to go to an event like that by yourself. It takes alot out of me just walking into the only alt shop in town...
( Says the girl who practically peeks her head into the store before actually setting foot. Ha! The shop owner must've thought there was something wrong with me).

Good for you.

Sweet Nothings said...

I am so jealous you were able to do that!! I haven't got that kind of confidence, and you looked fantastic!
<3 K

jurassicgoth said...

I hope they all made you feel very welcome. Well done for going on your own. That really isn't easy. You looked fantastic!