Saturday, May 26, 2012

Piles of New Clothes

Last week I got so many new clothes! City Chic are currently having a 50%-75% off sale. This is huge! Usually only one of their dresses costs $100, but I got a few outfits for $100. I'm very proud of myself :)

I'm wearing red!! Isn't that spooky? The red skirt was defiantly an impulse buy, I wasn't sure if it suited me and I didn't have a friend there to give me an opinion.
I also bought the lace pussy-bow top. Pussy-bows are awesome, and this will look great with a corset!!
The red belt is from my wardrobe.

The back has a cute cutout.

The skirt is an animal print. I think I will have to get used to it!

This dress looks so UGLY on the hanger. I wasn't going to even try it on at the store because it looked so yucky. But I ended up trying it, and it's basically the cutest dress ever.

Such a cute dress! I'm very glad that I took the time to try it on. There were a bunch of dresses that I tried on, and it turned out that the ones I wanted didn't sit properly on me. They were made out of horrible heavy material. The last item I bought was a cardigan with lace on the sleeves. I didn't take a photo because I'm lazy :)

If you follow BatFit, you'll know that Le Professor Gothique has lost a lot of weight and it looking fabulous!! But what is a girl to do with all of her too-big clothes? Well, give them to me, of course!!
That's right! Le Professor Gothique sent me all of her old clothes from America. I was so excited to receive them, but also a bit scared because I didn't know what the sizing would be like. American and Australian sizing is so different!
Luckily everything fit!! It's such a strange feeling actually holding clothes that you've seen on someone else's blog. If you look through Le Professor Gothique's archive you'll find most of these clothes! It's surreal. I'm such a lucky girl, and she was a great sport sending her clothes to me.

Here we have a black lightweight jacket, I'm not sure what the fabric is but it's great for the weather we're having at the moment. I wore this to work last week, so you can see one of my badges already on the jacket :)
Also a cute grey leopard print skirt. I never thought that I would own a leopard print skirt!
There was also a gift with my package, a Trash and Vaudeville shirt! YAY!

This is the same jacket, but in purple. I've never owned a purple jacket! So exciting.
This is most likely the most cutest shirt I now own. It's a sheer lace top that's very flowy and flattering to my figure.
The skirt is very interesting and has little fluttering points of fabric. The belt is so 80s! I love it!
There were some other awesome clothes included in my package, but I'm a bit lazy today :)

THANK YOU TO LE PROFESSOR GOTHIQUE! You are seriously the best, I have so many awesome clothes.


Bane said...

Score! So many cute things! The lace top with the bow is adorable, and the red skirt definitely suits you. The print is subtle... kind of like an entry-level animal print. Good thing you took a chance with the black dress; it is very cute on! I was always jealous of Le Professeur Gothique's purple jacket - my jealousy has now transferred to you. ;) The last outfit is fantastic in every way. Love it! :D

Anonymous said...

HOLY SMOKES!!! You look so HAWT! WAHOO! I am thrilled that all of the clothes fit and super stoked that you like the Trash and Vaudeville t-shirt. :) Awwww .... (((((HUGS))))))

Meagan Kyla said...

Lookin' lovely doll! Variety is the spice of life and you are wearing it well!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

LOVE the red skirt. I think it really suits you.