Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh, Fremantle!

I love Fremantle so much, it's very beautiful. People always complain how Perth is 'boring', but I love Perth. People don't realise that every city is basically the same. You have to find the good points.

I went to Fremantle on Sunday (27th May) with my best friend Hayley and her girlfriend Kylie. We went to check out the vintage markets that were on due to the Perth Burlesque Festival. There wasn't really anything good, but they were offering free hair styling so Kylie got some pretty victory rolls.

We did the usual lap around Fremantle. I bought some Scottish Tablet and stocked up on incense (8 for $5!)
We took some photos at Timezone and got icecream :)

My hair looks crazy bright in the sun. I have no idea why.

Skirt: Evans
Pussybow shirt: Target
Tights: Kmart
Winklepickers: Demonia

Here is Kylie and my best friend Haze!

Oh yeah!

We caught the sunset on the way home :)


Michelle said...

I agree - only boring people get bored in cities! I live in Adelaide, and love it ;)

Amy Asphodel said...

You look stunning! <3