Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Rocky Horror Murder Show

Yesterday I joined my sister to go and see The Rocky Horror Murder Show. It's a small budget dinner show based on Rocky Horror with a "whodunit?" murder theme.

Me and my sister had a table to ourselves. On each table they had little party things :)

We sat down and ordered our food (calamari, yum). I also got a pint of lemonade.
The show started with the cast picking out two people to play Brad and Janet. They had to put on some underwear over their clothes :P
Whenever they said "Brad" we had to yell "Arsehole!"
Whenever they said "Janet" we had to yell "Slut!"

The show started with Brad and Janet arriving at the castle and the Time Warp.
They then pulled up a old dude to be Frank. He had to put on a bra and suspenders over his clothes. Then the REAL Frank appeared. He sung Sweet Transvestite.

The cast looked alright. Their enthusiasm made up for their lack of awesome costume. Rocky was played by a buff midget in a wig.

Eddie was played by another audience member who had to just lay down on the ground.
Then we had to guess who did it. Each table asked a question that was written in an envelope.
We got "Magenta: Is that your natural hair colour?"

After that was done there was a quiz. They asked questions and we had to shout out our table number and the answer to the question.
Me and Kirsty got the tricky questions right.

We had:
What is the name of the town where Brad and Janet are from? Denton
What is Magenta holding in her hand during the Touch Me song? A hair dryer
Which actor made his debut in the film? Tim Curry
What were the names of the newlyweds at the beginning of the film? Betty Munroe and Ralph Hapshat
What was the sequel called? Shock Treatment

I think most of the other tables were getting annoyed that we were calling out all of the right answers :P
In the end it turned out that we won with 10 points!!! YAY! We got a box of chocolates as a prize.

We didn't end up finding out who killed Eddie, that prize went to the most creative answer.
At the end of the show everyone stood up and did the Time Warp again! :)

I wore:
Cotton biker jacket: Internet
Zombie shirt: from Manchester UK
Skirt: Second hand from Le Professeur Gothique
Boots: Dr. Marten

My sister and me. Kirsty's blonde hair is the same colour as mine would be if I didn't dye it!

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Lady Bethezda @ Bethezdas Preoccupations said...

OMG that is the BEST PIC EVUR!!!!!
I <3 Rocky Horror- it has been waaaay too long since I went to see it. :(