Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DIY Fishnet Top

Fishnet tops are a great accessory for any Goth or Punk. In stores they can cost stupid amounts of money. Sometimes going up the $80. It's even funnier seeing stores selling overpriced fishnet tops with rips already in them.

Making your own fishnet top is really easy. I mean, even a child can do this, if I child can look more goth than you then you're not doing it right.

First: Get a pair of fishnets and scissors. You can get fishnets from most fashion stores, I got mine online. There are many varieties of fishnet, small holes medium holes large holes etc. I got medium holes.

Step 2: Cut the ends of the feet, this is for your hands to go though. Also make thumb holes. Don't worry about it fraying, fishnet doesn't unravel!
Step Three: Cut a SMALL hole for your head in the fork of the crotch. I can't stress the SMALL cut enough, don't do it too big because fishnet stretches. I made mine too big, so it doesn't stay on my shoulders properly.

Above it the hole I cut in the crotch. I did mine too big :( Seriously it only need to be a slit, you can make it bigger if your head doesn't fit.
Now your fishnet top is finished!! The waist elastic is the bottom of the shirt, and sits under your boobs (unless your a dude, because dudes don't have boobs) put your arms through the legs and head through the crotch.

So simple, so easy, only for $5!!

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Sal Kaye said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I'll have to try that.