Monday, August 15, 2011

Feminism Is To Blame For Everything

When I get to work in the morning, I usually take a look at some online news. This is the only way I get the news, as I don't watch t.v. or read the newspaper. So, today on a PerthNow (A Perth based news site for the Sunday Times) there is a story about a woman named June Dally-Watkins, and how she feels etiquette is lacking in Australia. (LINK TO ARTICLE)

In this article she blames the "death of chivalry" on Feminists. Why?
Because: "Men and women were once courteous to each other, and then along came Germaine Greer, who said women should be more like men"

Seriously? First off, feminism is not about women trying to be men, it's about women wanting equal rights to what men do. In her statement it seems that she thinks women are in-equal to what a man is. This seriously bugs me.

I've only recently found my feminism. I've always been a feminist, but I've only just found out how I fit into it. I don't have to be actively fighting for women's rights all the time. For me, being a feminist is being an individual. Asking questions, and expecting answers. Not taking crap from anyone because I'm 'just a girl'. Men can be feminists. Many women are feminists without even realising it. If you are a woman and you expect the same rights as a man, then you're a feminist. It doesn't mean that you're a man hater, or a dyke, or any other of those horrible words people associate with feminism.

You know what feminism has done for women? Basically everything they do today. Voting, wearing pants, birth control, renting/buying a house, deciding not to get married without being called a 'spinster' at 25, maternity leave, etc. Walking around the streets without a companion to keep us from 'moral' harm.
And you know what? Women are still getting paid less than men in the workplace, for exactly the same job. Women aren't allowed to drive cars in some countries, I don't care that 'women can't drive' it's our right to do it. The worst thing, I think, is genital mutilations performed on women.

Another comment in the article: "There is nothing more inappropriate than shorts ... especially short shorts. Some ways of dressing ... give the impression of 'I'm yours, take me'"
Really, people in the 19th century used to not be able to show their ankles without being called a hussy. Now days girls can take care of themselves, it's the choice of every woman to be able to dress how they want and deal with the consequences that arise. Maybe it's the men who should be accounted for their behaviour instead of women?

I can agree with some of the points in the article. I have manners, I am polite. I know some people are not. I just don't know how that the declining morals of society must be always blamed on the 'feminist' or 'heathens'.
If being able to do what I want, make my own morals, and expect equal right means that I'm a unwanted member of polite society then I'd rather be a feminist.


Phoenix said...

Awesome post! That article is ridiculous. "Some ways of dressing ... give the impression of 'I'm yours, take me'" - UM... victim blaming much? That sort of statement makes me sick. The media is full of this sort of shit, it's really horrendous. They all make feminism out to be this unnecessary, man-hating movement. It's about equal rights. June, you are stupid.

mo shockey said...

holy hell, that woman needs to be backhanded. hasn't she ever heard of slutwalk? maybe she's really a man... because she seems to be offering a whole lot of excuses for oppressive (and some ways criminal) behavior on their part. the "she was asking for it" excuse is NEVER an excuse. there is NO excuse for rape. ever.

i think that any woman who isn't a feminist is either a masochist or totally brainwashed. it's refreshing to hear someone who isn't, though :)