Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wednesday Wants

A pretty boring selection today. I need to do some research on some nice goth clothes.

 Asos Curve Contrast Fit and Flare Dress. ASOS Curve, £35.00. Very cute dress, I was thinking about buying it but I don't really like the contrast around the neck.

Max C Spot Dress. Evans, £55.00. I really don't suit spots, otherwise this would be all mine!
 Black Military Button Tunic/Dress. Yours Clothing, £22.00. I am totally buying this, although I'm a bit worried about the length of the sleeves.

 Bumble Bee Costume. Torrid, $67.50usd. DO NOT WANT! I just want to illustrate the type of costume that I hate. It's the most boring, unimaginative Halloween costume on the planet. I can't wait for Halloween, I'm making my own costume. I will probably show progress as I do it. My costume will be cheaper and more original than this one.


Kim said...

I purchased the ASOS dress and its a cheap knit, its not the best, I sent it back.

I love the Yours Clothing dress I am going to buy that for sure!! :D

Phoenix said...

You could always cut off/dye the contrasting band around the neck!

Natalie said...

@Kim: I got one dress from Asos, the peter pan collar one. I've only worn it a couple of times. I'd love to try some other things of theirs, but the range is so limited.
I got the Yours Clothing military dress yesterday. I can't wait for it to arrive!

@Phoenix: Dye seems to be a good idea, but sometimes I don't think it's worth buying something expensive so I can just customise it :P
That's why I love second hand stores

Kim said...

I have that same ASOS dress with the peter pan collar, I have been wearing it to death!

I am looking forward to winter to wear it with cream tights and docs.

I agree on the ASOS curve range but it is getting better I feel.

As for the Yours clothing dress I have ordered it too :)

Natalie said...

I wear mine with Docs too! It's a pretty light dress, so I might be able to wear it on Summer nights.