Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Wants

Batty Skirt. £19.99 from Moon Maiden Clothing. I love sewing, but I'm not good enough to produce something like this! They do plus size, so I'm seriously thinking about getting one.

ASOS Pair of Angular Collar Tips. £10.00 from ASOS. SO CUTE!!! I've never seen anything as awesome as these.

ASOS Skinny Cross Hand Harness. £8.00 from ASOS. Because you can't have too many things with crosses on them.

ASOS Double Spike Through Finger Ring. £8.00 from ASOS. *dies* These are the best thing since sliced bread. I need these now!!! Although they don't give a clear ring size on their website.


Julietslace said...

Clip on collars are going to be big this season, I always read the fashion magazines ;) They all seem to be peter pan style ones though, BOO.

Kim said...

I love that ring, I remember seeing last year at ASOS too and it was out of stock. I will have another look I think!! :)