Monday, August 22, 2011

Club Unknown and The Loft

I had a VERY busy weekend. My parents are currently taking a holiday in the UK, to visit family. So I have the house to myself. I'm going to invite some friends over to watch some movies, because I can't have any over while my parents are here.

On Saturday at Club Unknown there was an event for Minx Corsetry. There was a fashion show and a burlesque act, plus lots of good music. The theme was elegant vs. debauchery, I went as elegant.

Here is my makeup and EPIC GLITTER!! Glitter lips, hair and cheeks. Oh, and my nose chain that I made myself.

 My best friend, Nix, lent me some eyelashes to wear. She has heaps.

Here is my outfit! I'm in the car park before walking to Club Unknown. I have no idea who's car that it.
Dress: What I wore to my year 12 ball, my friend sewed it for me and I customised it a bit.
Corset: Minx Corsets 
Shoes: Demonia (you can't see them)
Lace Gloves: Supre (when lace was in fashion two years ago)
Fan: Local markets
Necklaces: Ebay

I DJed at the Loft on the Sunday after. I slept in my hair for the night before, so I'm still full of glitter. It was a Cure tribute night, so I wore my Cure shirt. I made most of my badges myself using the DIY method.

Detail of my glitter hair.

God, I really hate white shirts on me.
Shirt: Ebay UK
Vest: George at ASDA
Skirt: Millers ($3 at Op Shop)
Tights: We Love Colours
Boots: Demonias

I really had fun at The Loft. Lots of great music and dancing. It was really humid though, and we had really heavy rains afterwards.
Before my friends and I went to The Loft we visited San Churro for some yummy chocolate. It was great, and it's right across the road from The Loft.


Anonymous said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the glitter. I, too, indulge in epic glitterness. The bathroom is filled with it when I leave, so much so that my husband says that it looks like I stepped on a fairy! HAHAHA!

Trés old skool and trés adorable! Hugs from NYC!

Bane said...

Awesome red, spikey, glittery hair! And the perfectly matching lipstick, of course. :)

Tenebris In Lux said...

The third picture .. DAMN! The whole ensemble is stunning. And I never knew glitter could look that good o_0

Natalie said...

I always leave glitter around my friends house after I get ready. I remember my friend saying that her balcony had glitter on it for a year after I was there. I always say my glitter left around is due to "David Bowie visits"

Phoenix said...

Glittersplosion! It looks fantastic! I LOVE your glitter hair. Your outfit is gorgeous too :) I'm so jealous of all these cool events you have over in Oz!

Natalie said...

@Phoenix: My friend runs Club Unknown and she puts heaps of work into it. Without her there'd be no Perth goth scene :)

curegirlalex said...

I love your Cure t shirt, I love them so much!!