Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wednesday Wants

Not much this week.

I've been very naughty and bought a lot of the things I've been craving. Like more winklepickers, Dr. Martens, and clothes. One thing I really need is a new camera, which I might buy with my next pay.

Good news, I have a busy weekend! So that means more photos. I have Club Unknown on Saturday, and I'm DJing at The Loft Cure Tribute on Sunday. My DJ handle is DJ Prudish :)

Hemnes Mirror. IKEA, $99aud. Yes, I'm so boring that I want a mirror. But I don't have a nice full length mirror. It's really hard trying to figure out if something looks good on you if you have to use a crappy dressing table mirror.
Hemnes Chest of Drawers. IKEA, $399aud. The drawers I currently have are broken. The runners are snapped and the drawers fall out whenever I want to get some clothes. It's very annoying. I might get these, unless I can find something cheaper.

God, No! Amazon.com, $13.58usd (sale price). I would really like to read this. It's the new book from Penn Jillette, I've always enjoyed his way of thinking. I might get it out from the library to read.

 Just a quick photo of my makeup for last weeks Loft. I had a 50min set at the beginning, so I played lots of easy-on-the-ears music. The DJ equipment kept playing up on me though, whenever I tried to play a song it always went back to Sisters of Mercy.

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